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Celebrating 19 Years
It seems incredible but I have been in this holistic / wellbeing world now for 19 years this month.  What a journey so far! Starting with Reflexology, when others on the course were talking about “chakras” and “meridians”, which at the time meant nothing to me and seemed utterly bewildering, to now, when these understandings […]
Where Does Your Energy Come From? (You won’t read this in text books)
This is cutting edge science – you won’t read this in text books for many years yet.  I have recently listened to a discussion online hosted by Lynne McTaggart with the Biologist, Bruce Lipton, as one of the other participants. Bruce has informed how so many of us work with Energy Medicine. He’s an extraordinary […]
Use Your Power
You are, I'm sure, familiar with the double helix shape of DNA.  I am about to share some absolutely magic information with you which is so beautifully explained by Richard Rudd in his book The Gene Keys (pp xxiv): "What most people don’t realise is that as a salt, DNA is a natural conductor of […]
Spiritual Washdowns
Describing my sessions has been a constant challenge, particularly to those who have zero knowledge of alternative health work - "no, it's nothing to do with house utilities" I found myself responding to someone the other day when I mentioned that I work with Energy Healing! While in general I'm not a big fan of […]
Energy Healing Helps Bedwetting: Case Study
Bedwetting in school age children and even in teens is not uncommon. While most children grow out of it, some benefit from help. When thinking about how to stop bedwetting, Energy Healing may not be an obvious choice. This case study illustrates why it can be a good idea. Bedwetting, or nocturnal enuresis, can be […]
How To Calm Your Mind Instantly
How can you stop thoughts going round and round your head? How can you step easily from stress and anxiety to calm? How CAN you instantly calm your mind? Easily, as it happens. There is a great trick to calm your mind that I’d love to share with you. And, the beauty of it is […]