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Spiritual Washdowns

Describing my sessions has been a constant challenge, particularly to those who have zero knowledge of alternative health work - "no, it's nothing to do with house utilities" I found myself responding to someone the other day when I mentioned that I work with Energy Healing!

While in general I'm not a big fan of labels, occasionally they sure do serve a purpose!

So you can understand why my heart leapt with joy when a client made the following request:

Hi Amanda - would you mind giving me a complete spiritual washdown?

Washdown Request
Spiritual Washdown Request by Client

The phrase "Spiritual Washdown" resonates and needs no explanation.

Here's the feedback from my original client who coined the phrase "Spiritual Washdown":

The spiritual washdown you did with me the other day was so beautiful, I am now able to move forward on my soul's journey. Thank you so much.

Spiritual Washdown Feedback
Spiritual Washdown Feedback

And here's more feedback from another client:

Can I echo this Spiritual Washdown delight. Helping to find and move with the soul's journey is exactly what it does. Thank you Amanda ...

Spiritual Washdown Delight
Spiritual Washdown Delight

Adopting my client's eloquent turn of phrase has enabled clients to easily understand how I can potentially help them.

If you're feeling blocked in some area of your life, even if you don't quite know what that block is, a Spiritual Washdown can gently help to clear and ease things so you can move forward along your life path with greater clarity and excitement.

"Spiritual Washdown" is one label I will be sticking with!

If this resonates with you and you are drawn to work with me, simply send me a message.

With love,

Amanda xx


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