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These public meditative energy healing sessions are for you to take some time to rebalance, feel calmer and connect to yourself. They are available for you to use for free and can be viewed here.

This link will take you to my podcast.

My intention is that you will experience at least one benefit each time you use a session. Here's the first one for you. So, get comfortable and enjoy.


Here is the episode where I have the joy of chatting with the very inspiring Beverley Webb about our language, and how our use of language can have such a big impact on our experience of daily life.



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Chat Show - The Art of Pawsing

My aim with this series is to chat about the easy little things we can do for ourselves that can make such a big difference - ie, working with Potential’s potential!

I have the joy of chatting with inspiring people about all sorts of different subjects, in the hope that you too may be inspired.

You can watch The Art of Pawsing here.

This link will take you to the podcast.


UK Health Radio - A wide ranging interview covering Amanda's journey as a practitioner, some Client Stories and an introduction to Tarot Coaching

Your Health Matters, Brooklands Radio - discussing Amanda's qualifications, 121 sessions and workshops

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