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Energy Healing Helps Bedwetting: Case Study

Bedwetting in school age children and even in teens is not uncommon.

While most children grow out of it, some benefit from help. When thinking about how to stop bedwetting, Energy Healing may not be an obvious choice. This case study illustrates why it can be a good idea.

Bedwetting, or nocturnal enuresis, can be very distressing. Commonly it affects the child’s confidence and willingness to go on school trips and sleepovers. That is why a mum recently contacted me about her daughter.

Her daughter is 10 years old. The mother told me that bedwetting was having a huge impact on her self-esteem. She wondered whether energy healing might help.

We agreed that I would do a Remote MINI Session. I made an audio recording as I did the 20 minute session, which I then emailed to the mum. The child was unaware of any of this – the recording was purely for the mother’s information only. This option was also chosen so as to not further burden the daughter.

The day after the Energy Healing session the following arrived in my inbox from the mum about the bedwetting:

“Wow, thanks so much – first dry night in a couple of months last night!
She had a sore throat when she went to school yesterday and you even picked up on that in your session, I am truly amazed.”

This study showes how Energy Healing helped a case of Bedwetting. But actually it is a great illustration of how Energy Healing has the capacity to address endless unique scenarios, and always as appropriate in each individual case.

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With love,

Amanda xx


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