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Celebrating 19 Years

It seems incredible but I have been in this holistic / wellbeing world now for 19 years this month.  What a journey so far!

Starting with Reflexology, when others on the course were talking about “chakras” and “meridians”, which at the time meant nothing to me and seemed utterly bewildering, to now, when these understandings form the greater part of my work.  From beginning with the “I simply want to be a good reflexologist” mindset then evolving to now working mainly remotely and often internationally with an intuitive combination of my other learnings, the springboard of which was the BodyTalk system, which blew open my understandings on so many levels, then adding the wonderful, heart-centred Quantum-TouchTarot coaching joined the mix a few years ago too and, most recently, Rahanni, a healing modality fit for the times we find ourselves in.  Add to this my continual reading and learning away from the structure of courses, and, well, it is fair to say that I am a continual student, enthusiastically researching, constantly learning.  Interestingly, the more I delve, the simpler things seem to be.

Wrapped up with all of this, of course, are all the extraordinary, beautiful people I have had the incredible opportunity to connect with along the way – teachers, fellow practitioners, networking colleagues and clients.  There are really no words for the gift this has been and continues to be, for which I’m utterly grateful.

What else can I say, except that I notice numbers, and prime numbers are rather wonderful I feel, standing as they do, holding their own space. The Sun is the 19th card in the Tarot’s Major Arcana, which to me represents nurturing, growth, healing and renewal – or, as one source terms it, “triumphant renewal”.  I’ll take that!!

If this resonates with you and you’d like to find out about working with me, send me a message.

With love,

Amanda xx


If you’d like to work with me 1:1 with energy healing, or tarot, or both, please get in touch to find out how I can help.

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