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Where Does Your Energy Come From? (You won’t read this in text books)

This is cutting edge science – you won’t read this in text books for many years yet.  I have recently listened to a discussion online hosted by Lynne McTaggart with the Biologist, Bruce Lipton, as one of the other participants. Bruce has informed how so many of us work with Energy Medicine. He’s an extraordinary biologist with the gift for easily explaining the science and it was he who made the discovery that kick started epigenetics.  Below I have transcribed part of the discussion and will leave you to read his words which I certainly don’t need to add to.


“We are the technology – people don’t understand - there’s a term called “biomimicry” - if you look at the technology in the human body, that technology precedes our technology.  In other words, if you could see how cells did something, we could use that technology at this moment.  Everything that we have on the outside, truly came from an understanding of what happens on the inside.  Cells created community. Cells are like miniature people. Every function that you have in your body is already present in virtually every nucleated cell of your body so that means that the functions of the cells and the functions of the human body happen to be pretty much exactly the same.  Our behaviour is to take care of them.  So, whatever our cells need, we have to provide for that.  It is critical to understand this because if you understand the nature of the cellular community and how it works, there’s a technology.

Can you have 50 trillion citizens be in harmony? We have about 8 billion people who are fighting each other every day.  If you look at the human body, there are 50 trillion healthy, happy cells. And they’re in community.  All cells have jobs. They exchange things – there is even a currency.

So let’s look inside the human body and see where our future is.

Why do we think that computer technology is more powerful than our brain? It’s not true at all.  We can’t even duplicate what the brain is so why would I put old fashioned new parts in my head?  I want to bring up something new. It’s based on an observation that was made years ago after the Chernobyl nuclear plant blew up. The place was contaminated, no humans could be in there, no life could be in there, so they made the whole area around Chernobyl an exclusion zone. No humans could go there, too much radioactivity. They wanted to observe what was going on so they had a camera and a little robot that would go through the reactor so people could see what was going on.  The first couple of years nothing was going on. But the third year startled them.  There was black mould growing on the walls of the reactor.  Black mould like you see in the shower or the bathtub. That same mould. The scientists were astounded that something was living in the reactor. How could that be? So science wanted to find out. What was it that the black mould had that allowed it to live in the intense radioactivity?

The answer was Melanin.

Melanin is a pigment that makes them black. Melanin is a crystal.  And what they’ve found out is that Melanin can take electromagnetic energy from the air and turn it into biological fuel. And they were living off the radioactivity because the Melanin would take the radioactive elements and then convert it into biological fuel.  WOW.  But the real WOW is that we have the same pigment in our skin. We always talked about it shielding us from UV light.

It turns out that we under appreciated the role of the Melanin.

The Melanin takes the electromagnetic energy out of the atmosphere and converts it into biological fuel.  We know this in plants. For example, plants take sunlight out of the atmosphere and then convert it into making carbohydrates – fuel.  Humans have Melanin which is like the chlorophyl in plants but is affected more by electromagnetic energies.

So, if Melanin is generating energy, how much of that energy is available for us to use in our day-to-day life?

How did we all grow up? By being told to eat our food and that food gives us our energy. ‘Eat your breakfast, it’ll give you energy for your day ….  Eat this meal and you’re going to build your energy by eating food …’.

The problem is simply this.

That when they did the research (to find out), how much energy is available from just the Melanin part of our body, 85% of the energy needed for a human’s existence comes straight out of the air.   We thought we were getting energy from the food!

The lifespan of a human scientifically should be 150 years.  Obviously we’re not doing very well at that! What’s going on?

Let’s go back to the food. When you burn fuel, there are always toxic byproducts from burning fuel. When you digest food you get energy, just like burning fuel, but you get byproducts that include something called “free radicals”, which are highly charged elements from atoms… This is the waste product. Free radicals punch holes in cells. And when they punch holes in cells, the cells die.  So the more food you eat, the shorter your lifespan.  That’s what we’re just finding out. We’re eating too much. Way too much.  The food is actually killing us.

They started doing laboratory experiments. They compared unending, limitless abundant availability food ... with limiting the amount of food and just giving a small amount of food, just a subsistence amount of food.  By doing this (giving just subsistence level of food) they doubled the lifespan of rats, then they did it with birds and dogs and monkeys. And all of them lived exceedingly long when they were given subsistence level of food.

This is amazing. Think of all the benefits of this.  What if you could cut your food bill down to about 10%?  We’re killing the rainforests (to grow more hamburgers) – we don’t need to do that, we need less hamburgers, put the rainforest back, return the environment back to where it was. We’re destroying the environment to supersize us and kill us faster. And the question is, where is the science coming from?  Not from the industrial sector!!  It changes how we live on the planet.”


“I think that’s true, Bruce, because the Japanese, part of their culture is as they get older to eat less food, not feel full up, and you see that in a lot of the Blue Zones were people are eating far less and certainly not a lot of ultra processed foods as are produced in the West. That is a fascinating thought that we can be powered. We’re a bit like a zero point field engine. We can be powered out of empty space.


“It just helps us enough to understand that we can help ourselves while saving the planet. Evolution does not make an organism that is so aggressive that it eats up the rest of the world. Evolution, every new organism, should have a lighter touch on the planet because of evolution. Plants take the sunlight. Humans take the electromagnetic field.”

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