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Nature’s Healing Tools – Part One: Grounding / Earthing
Grounding, or earthing, frequently comes up in my clients’ BodyTalk sessions. When it does, I always start by asking whether they ever walk around barefoot. The responses are more often than not “no”. There is quite often horror at the very idea, not only at going barefoot outside but even at the thought of padding […]
Why Have a Tarot Reading?
How long is a piece of string?!!! There are so many potential reasons why someone might choose to have a Tarot Reading… An Overview About Professional Tarot Readings The common thread when someone chooses to use Tarot Cards, however, is that there is a question they want to gain clarity about. Often there is no […]
Is Energy Healing For You?
If you have never had energy healing and are considering it, this is a question you will be asking yourself. And …the quick answer is “yes”. Let me explain why. Why Use Energy Healing The reason is that each and every session is unique and appropriate to what’s going on with you at that time. […]
Introducing Energy Healer Amanda Weller
Hello! I’m Amanda, If you’re like me, you’ll want to get a ‘feel’ for someone before booking their services. I’m an energy healer and I thought I’d introduce myself, so you can do the same! This holistic / alternative / energy medicine path, which I first stepped into in 2004, has brought me extraordinary joy. […]