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Is Energy Healing For You?

If you have never had energy healing and are considering it, this is a question you will be asking yourself.

And …the quick answer is “yes”.

Let me explain why.

Why Use Energy Healing

The reason is that each and every session is unique and appropriate to what’s going on with you at that time. Your body (and I use this term loosely to include your physical body, your mind, your emotions, your energies, your spiritual being) is always trying to get into the best possible state that it can. However, sometimes we get a bit stuck, and that’s when the services of an energy healer can help. Using a combination of your own natural capacity to heal and the energy healing training of the practitioner, the previous focus of your concerns has the potential to transform.

How does it work?

Everything is energy, and everything affects everything else. Just imagine a freshly ironed sheet. Now, imagine grabbing a corner of it and pulling it – every single thread and stitch in that sheet will change it’s shape as a result. We all know that when we hear a loud unexpected sound we get a physical reaction in our tummy. You, with all your different aspects, are just the same. So, change one thing and it impacts your whole being.

From my perspective as the practitioner, I understand that everything is consciousness (or energy) and that purely my act of observing something or becoming aware of it in the session is enough for your body to shift on whatever level or levels it wants to. Quantum science explains this.

What is it used for?

People use Energy Healing for a huge variety of reasons. For instance, it could be:

  • physical aches and pains in the body
  • emotional reasons – for example grief
  • mental pressures – worry, stress, anxiety, fears
  • feeling disconnected from themselves
  • a sense that ‘something’s not right’ that they can’t quite put a finger on
  • the wish to progress on their spiritual journey
  • as a support to other treatments (both mainstream and alternative)
  • Most often it turns out to be a combination of several factors.

Who uses it?

Anybody can. However, in reality it seems to break down to three groups:

  • Those who are already familiar with energy healing
  • People who have tried many other modalities but have been unable to resolve their issues

Others who are self-aware and want to expand and work with their potential.

We are all beings of enormous potential and Energy Healing works with that on all levels.

If this resonates with you and you’d like to find out about working with me, send me a message.

With love,

Amanda xx



If you’d like to work 1:1 with me please get in touch and we can play!

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