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Case Study: Combining Energy Healing with Tarot Reading

This case study clearly shows the benefit of combining an Energy Healing session with a Tarot Reading.

Background (Booking the Energy Healing and Tarot Reading)

A lady contacted me in response to a social media post she’d seen. She booked both an Energy Healing Session and a Tarot Reading. We arranged a two hour appointment, allowing an hour each for the Energy Healing and The Tarot Reading. She completed my completed my online health and wellness form. I always ask new clients to do this so that we don’t waste precious session time when we meet up. Her information indicated physical pain in various areas and several stressful factors too. She also replied to my question about whether there was anything specific she’s like to address with The Tarot. The answer was that she felt stuck in her life generally.

Preparation for the Tarot Reading

Earlier on the day we were due to meet I prepared some information relating to The Tarot. She will be able to use this information for the rest of her life to gain extra insight from any future readings she may have. I also laid out and examined the initial cards we would use in readiness for the Tarot Reading itself.

The Energy Healing Session

We met over video and did the Energy Healing session first. As always, I explained how I do these sessions and what she could expect. I also made it clear that I welcomed any comments from her as we progressed should she have anything she’d like to say. We did the session and at the end she told me that, in contrast to before, she felt calm, tightness in her body had disappeared, and pain in an arm and shoulder had gone.

The Tarot Reading

We then took a short break while she went and got a tea and I reorganised my table. I also brought another screen in to our video meeting so she could see the Tarot cards. We started the reading with me explaining the life information I had prepared for her beforehand, and then we moved on to talk about the cards I laid out earlier.

Doing the Energy Healing session first was so helpful, as it gave an extra depth to the initial information I had seen in the cards I set out before we met up.

Once we had got everything we wanted from those cards, I cleared them away so we could address another specific area of her life. In this instance, she chose all the cards we used – yes, that too is possible remotely! Once we were finished, she commented that there wasn’t a single thing that didn’t resonate. And she also said that what was particularly helpful was having what she had already been thinking about recently reflected back to her by me. She found that reassuring and empowering.

The Result of Combining Energy Healing with Tarot Reading

This case study highlights the benefits a client experienced by combining an Energy Healing Session with a Tarot Reading. She arrived for the session anxious, in pain, conflicted and unsure. Two hours later she left feeling calmer, more relaxed physically and with less pain. She also had a clarity about moving forward with a sense of excitement.

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With love,

Amanda xx


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