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How Quantum Energy Healing Can Help You

Your body / mind / spirit / energy bodies are constantly trying to get into the best state it can. These sessions use that natural instinct and ability within you to help you feel better and live your life to its full potential.

While these intuitive energy healing sessions do not diagnose or treat specific ailments, clinical experience has shown that once a client's overall system is balanced through through these sessions, improvements may be experienced in many areas such as:

Health and wellness

Stress and anxiety

Pain syndromes

Digestive disorders

High blood pressure

Muscle tension

Mood disorders


Immune disorders

Menstrual problems

Hormonal imbalances

Environmental issues

Emotional issues

Relationship issues

Toxins, allergies, viruses, parasites

Performance optimisation: academics, exams, public speaking, athletics, the arts

Pre and Post Surgery to optimise the healing process

These sessions can bring in understandings from:

A Western biomedical view



Quantum physics

The philosophies of the ancient systems of Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine

Your Investment: An hour of your time and £125 (*Packages are available for clients requiring several sessions close together)

Contact Amanda to find out more.


My work with children is done via Option 3 below - audio reports. Parents commonly book their children in for sessions due to:

  • Healthcare, including allergies and respiratory issues
  • Behavioral problems
  • Learning and attention issues
  • Divorce, separation and adoption transitions

3 Options for Energy Alchemy Sessions

I offer sessions in one of three different ways, depending which suits you best:

1. In person

2. On video

3. I do the session while you get on with your day as normal. In this instance, I would email my audio report of the session to you after I have done it.

Client Stories - In Their Own Words

"I met Amanda at a networking event in 2010. I was in my late fifties and I had been made redundant some months before and was now self-employed with the stress of being the main breadwinner as well. For no other known reason I developed a severe bout of eczema which I had never had before. It was all over my body. I listened to Amanda’s presentation and with a feeling of ‘anything is worth a try’ I booked a session with her.

I went to her home clinic and we talked first and she took a brief history and it was obvious why I was there. I then lay on the couch and she took hold of my left wrist. We chatted away and she made some very poignant comments and after a while she ‘tapped’. This process was repeated a few times until my appointment was up. I had a drink of water and departed.

Whilst I was using medication to eradicate the itchiness I believe it was Amanda’s intervention that cured my eczema. Over a few weeks my skin simply cleared up and has stayed clear ever since. I have continued to have irregular appointments with Amanda for different reasons and have always benefitted by becoming a calm, well individual."

 Joan Swain

Amanda Weller with client

"Recently I realised that life’s burdens have/are taking their toll on me. The depression & anxiety levels that I have felt recently were getting steadily worse-often manifesting in a persist cough. Just by speaking to Amanda on the telephone I felt reassured & certainly enough to book the next available appointment with her at her home. She greeted me warmly & explained how the session would proceed. During the treatment I felt very relaxed. She “talked me through my body” sometimes stopping for a moment whilst my body re-adjusted. After the treatment I felt well & more relaxed but rather tired –in a nice way - but I decided that I needed to rest when I reached my home to allow my body to re-align itself. I had a second visit 10 days later the result being that the feeling of relaxation & calmness was re-enforced & my coughing spasms are now slightly less."

Yvonne Runciman

"I first came across Amanda approx 20 months ago, on the Internet. I have been suffering re health for a few years, but last 2 + years really effecting my physical & mental health& confidence. My main problem has been bladder infections which often require antibiotics, which do not improve my general health. I also have arthritic joint probs re injuries from sports activities.

The regular sessions I've had with Amanda have all been so positive...it's not just been a matter of helping one problem in my body, it's the overall improvement, mentally & physically plus breathing has improved. Also the bladder issue improved.

She has always been so supportive & professional to whatever situation presents itself. All the sessions have been conducted re Skype as I live in the North UK. This has worked out great. But I'm sure her other methods of communicating would be good. I would definitely recommend Amanda for a session."

Lis Harding

Client of Amanda Weller

"I worked with Amanda in her lovely home practice after I had suffered from a series of migraines in early 2017. I had heard about Body Talk from friends and neighbours and how effective it could be but had yet to try it. What amazed me was how quickly Amanda could identify things without my even telling her. We had a detailed discussion at the start of the session, but she quoted medicines I had tried to combat the migraines weeks before, that had not formed part of our conversation. Having been treated for 45 minutes or so I felt a wave of tingling in my torso, an obvious energy shift quite unlike anything I had felt before. After the session I took great comfort in this energy shift and the positive effect it should have on my headache frequency."

Ronnie Hender

"I was fortunate enough to meet with Amanda, after a friend of mine recommended her to me. I had been seeking help for my 17 year old son who has Asperger’s Syndrome and learning difficulties. He is a very sensitive quite young man who is trying to find his own identity and was struggling to cope with the world. Things got to a rather dire stage and depression, panic attacks and self harm crept its way into my son’s life, almost taking over completely. After getting in touch with Amanda ,she offered to see my son promptly giving us the choice of remote help or visiting in person.

We physically attended approximately seven sessions lasting approx for one hour. My son would lay on the bed (often falling asleep) and Amanda would stand at his side touching his arm and explaining what she was ‘feeling’ and how my son’s system was working (or not) with certain issues, blockages, energy etc. I am sure that the procedure is far more complicated than my rather basic understanding and simple explanation. I believe Amanda works with the Nervous system and Chi but this is just my unqualified opinion.


Amanda would often talk us through a session and record it for my son to listen to later. In all honesty I do not seem to have the capacity to really understand what it going on. I have however seen the evidence of it working. Between sessions my son had consumed rather a lot of diet coke which I was concerned with and Amanda actually ‘picked up’ on this fact, commenting that it was showing up as a toxin, which she then proceeded to try and adjust his system to. (My interpretation). There were several issues that were brought up-by Amanda not from myself or my son- which were particularly relevant to certain weeks which again Amanda would identify and deal with.

At the end of every session we were then advised of the time we would need our next session ( usually 2-3 weeks ). There was no instant cure which we did not expect anyway but I believe the sessions have led to a calmer life. The self harming has stopped, the panic attacks are few and far between and the depression comes and goes. Again I knew this wouldn’t be a miracle cure overnight. Personally I feel very fortunate to have met Amanda and I also believe that my son benefited in more ways than one. Even to see him relaxed and sleeping brought a great deal of relief to me as a parent. I would not hesitate in recommending anyone to attend a session with Amanda Weller."

Sue Kelly

Amanda Weller with client

"I suffered from Eczema since childhood, and a divorce situation caused such intense flare up that simply showering or wearing clothes was awfully irritating, burning, itchy, and honestly plainly unlivable. The dermatologist I was seeing told me that my case was beyond treating with corticoids, and recommended immuno-suppressant medication. I was to have a blood test before my next appointment a couple of weeks later. That is went I first saw Amanda. I did not know what BodyTalk was, but was so desperate for some relief that I thought I'd give it a go...

The results were beyond any expectations. Within 2 weeks, my skin had healed so much that the next time I saw my dermatologist, she was plainly astonished and did not see the need to pursue further treatment. This was 5 years ago. I have seen Amanda on and off since then whenever the eczema is reoccurring and top off with corticoids cream to manage the discomfort. I have a Ph.D in science, and have no idea how this works, but my experience is that it just does. The eczema is not gone, but I would say about a 85% improvement, which has been life changing for me."

Dr Martine Hardy

"I came to Amanda with lower back pain, I was struggling to drive to clients as I would seize up and crawl out of the car like a clip from the Darwin theory of evolution....eventually standing upright after a few minutes. I went to Amanda for a session....to be fair I don't really know what goes on in a session other than you just have to trust and believe that it will work. I have been to Amanda a number of times including one where I carried on at home ...30 miles from her and she just tuned into my frequency....now that was kind of weird but she recorded her findings and sent them to me....she relayed info which I honestly have not told anybody...freaky but quite amazing....and comforting.

So reverting to my session about my back, I laid down, Amanda progressed through her session and told me my back / hip was slightly out of sync. She did her magic and I went home....got out of the car in the familiar Darwin fashion and carried on. The next morning, I overslept my alarm and jumped out of bed into the bathroom....there I realised what I had achieved.....I was standing up straight and not in pain? I had to pinch myself....the only difference between that day and the previous was that I had a session with Amanda. So there, whilst you may be sceptical.....remember landing on the moon was a dream for so many centuries.....maybe we will fully understand Bodytalk in the next century , in the meantime just trust it and let it make your life easier."

Maggie Lax

Client of Amanda Weller

"Before I started working with Amanda I had experienced a traumatic event that had left me feeling anxious, emotional and confused. I was holding onto the event unable to let it go. During my sessions with Amanda she was able to explain why I was feeling the way I was. During our body talk sessions, Amanda was able to help my body rebalance itself through her energy healing. Amanda talked me through every step of the way, explaining each stage of her healing. I worked with Amanda in person at her clinic in Godalming. I noticed a difference from my second visit. I slept better and was able to move on from the event that had caused me such anxiety and emotional disturbance. I would have no hesitation in recommending Amanda, and would visit her again if I felt I was struggling with emotional pain."

Tracy Barker

"You have instilled this calmness into me. I miss my Mum, and Dad, so much & there is such a big hole in my life - so I just cannot believe I would be 'coping' as OKish as I am without you."

Vicki Moore

Amanda Weller with client


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